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Name Your Draft Sleeper

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One of the things I love about the draft is that the vast majority of Major Leaguers aren't former first round picks. In other words, it pays to know the players beyond the top 30-50 names. Obviously, teams know more than 30-50 names, but the average fan is lucky if they know that many.

However, hopefully this year will be different. Thanks to the discussion on this community, the free availability of information, and simply more interest, fans will be more prepared for the draft than ever this year.

As such, it's time to stick your neck out and name a sleeper you really like that isn't expected to go in the first 50 picks (first and supplemental first rounds). It can be someone who has dropped from that consideration and you still like or someone who has never really been considered in that range. I'm not picky and won't criticize your pick, so speak up and tell us why you like them.

My personal favorite is probably Jesse Biddle of Germantown Friends High School in Philadelphia. There are some rumblings of him moving up into the range of a not-so-sleeper-like prospect, and he could be this year's Tyler Skaggs. There's a lot of projection involved when liking Biddle, but something just tells me he's going to be very good. You can read my preliminary report on him here, and he's improved greatly since then, upping his fastball to a more consistent 89-91, touching 92-93, and he has firmed up his curve and change. Good signs.

Who's your sleeper?