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Pick a Prospect, Part Two

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Yesterday's discussion was pretty interesting, so why not try out another one.

This time, let's pick a pitcher. Both are equally signable, and their handedness doesn't matter. These are their overall future grades, including deception, command, etc. I won't put an OFP here, but you can decide for yourself.

Prospect A - Fastball: 88-91, touches 93, 55 Grade; Slider: 55; Cutter: 55; Changeup: 55; Control: 65
Prospect B - Fastball: 90-92, touches 94, 60 Grade; Curveball: 65; Changeup: 50; Control: 55

Once again, makeup isn't being considered here, both will be signed for the same amount, and they are the same age.

Who do you pick and why?