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Mock Draft #6 - Supplemental First Round

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Here's a continuation of mock draft #6. Follow the jump after the first pick for more.

33. Houston Astros - Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, Minooka Community HS (IL) - The Astros always seem to find ways to stock up on pitching in recent drafts, and with a pair of extra picks this year, I expect two additional high-ceiling pitchers to enter their system. Foltynewicz burst onto the scene this spring, and he's continued a solid run. His Texas commitment might be an obstacle, but he's expected to be signable in this range.

34. Toronto Blue Jays - Robbie Aviles, RHP, Suffern HS (NY) - Even though I think the new Blue Jays regime will be a little hamstrung by the poor execution in signing last year's draft class, there will be more upside than usual in their draft class this year. Aviles is a cold-weather pitcher with a good history of success in his career, and there's a good feeling in the scouting community that he'll blossom sooner rather than later.
35. Atlanta Braves - Jesse Hahn, RHP, Virginia Tech - This is the Braves' first pick, and I'm undecided on whether they'll make a big splash or not. They've been very conservative in draft spending in recent years, though, so I don't see a very expensive piece coming off the board here. Hahn has slipped due to arm troubles, and this would be a nice landing spot.
36. Boston Red Sox - James Paxton, LHP, Grand Prairie AirHogs - By grabbing Nick Castellanos in the first round, the Red Sox would have satisfied a desire for an impact bat. Next comes an impact arm. Paxton will start lighting up radar guns again shortly, and if he proves he's still a desirable candidate, he should go in the neighborhood of his selection last year, which was #37 overall.
37. Los Angeles Angels - Griffin Murphy, Redlands East Valley HS (CA) - Murphy continues to have a great senior season, and while he hasn't really jumped into first round consideration for the majority of teams, the Angels have so many extra picks that it would make sense to pick him here and sign him to a slot bonus as an upside left-handed arm to complement the earlier choices of Dylan Covey and Sammy Solis.
38. Toronto Blue Jays - Micah Gibbs, C, LSU - This pick is unprotected against a player not signing, so it will almost certainly have to be a catcher. Like most scouting departments that favor athletes, I think the new Toronto front office will prefer up the middle position players, and Gibbs could be their first catching pick. He offers upside as a Major League starter, and he's having a great season at LSU.
39. Boston Red Sox - Jarrett Parker, OF, Virginia - The Red Sox don't typically go for a bunch of over slot bonus babies in the early stages of the draft, instead preferring to see who falls in the 5th-10th round range. However, they do a nice job of filling in with solid college players in the supplemental and second rounds, and Parker is turning it around at Virginia. This is a solid pick.
40. Los Angeles Angels - Stefan Sabol, C, Aliso Niguel HS (CA) - Like with Murphy, most teams aren't seeing Sabol as a first round candidate anymore, as his catching hasn't taken a step forward. He's likely a corner outfielder, maybe even a center fielder, in the future, but I think the Angels could take a chance on him here as a catcher, hoping to turn his athleticism into plus catching skills.
41. Toronto Blue Jays - Brandon Workman, RHP, Texas - Still looking to ensure that their entire draft won't be messed up by picking signability question marks over and over again, Workman is a solid option here. Until a rough outing over the weekend, he was definitely heading in the right direction, and his stuff is solid. He's an easy supplemental first round arm.
42. Tampa Bay Rays - Reggie Golden, OF, Wetumpka HS (AL) - The Rays typically like bats with athleticism and juice, and Golden fits both of those criteria. Though Golden may seem small at less than six feet tall, he packs an absolute punch, as his raw power is an easy plus. He's a solid athlete, too, and he would fit quite well into the Rays' development system.
43. Seattle Mariners - Todd Cunningham, OF, Jacksonville State - This is the Mariners' first pick of the draft, and I'm still undecided on whether they'll go for a big name for a big price here or a solid name with the chance of adding talent throughout. Cunningham has had a very solid season, and it's likely that he fits in the supplemental first round somewhere.
44. Detroit Tigers - Chad Bettis, RHP, Texas Tech - This is also the Tigers' first pick of the draft, and they will find themselves in the same situation as the Mariners. They'll have a few good options for them on the board, but they also have another supplemental first round pick coming up, unlike the Mariners. They like college arms with upside that haven't had the best success, and Bettis fits that mold.
45. Texas Rangers - Austin Wates, OF, Virginia Tech - The Rangers have three extra picks in this draft, and while that means that they have a chance to add in plenty of talent, it also means they'll be a little more restricted financially with each pick. Wates fits the Rangers' method of operation for drafting hitters, as he's lean, athletic, and with projection, so this would be a nice pick.
46. St. Louis Cardinals - Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel - The Cardinals have already picked Gary Brown in this scenario, so it's all about the pitcher in this round. They have another pick coming up four picks from now, so I see them taking the college arm that could be gone by that pick. Wojciechowski has done nothing but produce this year, and he has a solid arm with upside.
47. Colorado Rockies - Kolbrin Vitek, 2B, Ball State - Vitek could easily be off the board well before this spot, even being off the board before the Rockies' first pick in the first round. However, in this scenario, teams are following the strength of the draft, which is pitching, and Vitek would be an excellent complement to the Rockies' earlier selection of Barret Loux.
48. Detroit Tigers - Stetson Allie, RHP, St. Edward HS (OH) - This is where the Tigers make their big splash. They would make this pick, and the Bettis pick before it, knowing that the three teams in-between their picks wouldn't pick Allie with the risk he brings along. He's probably going to cost a pretty penny to sign, but the upside is tremendous, and the Tigers usually have good success with prep arms.
49. Texas Rangers - Cameron Bedrosian, RHP, East Coweta HS (GA) - After filling in with solid bats and an arm in Kevin Gausman, the Rangers might want a prep arm that is a solid bet to reach his ceiling as a number three starter. Bedrosian is just that, and he offers significantly more polish than a normal prep arm. His LSU commitment may be an obstacle, but he'd be a natural fit here.
50. St. Louis Cardinals - Addison Reed, RHP, San Diego State - If you can't tell already, I see the Cardinals stocking up on college players this year, mainly to rebuild their weak system. They're still in their window of opportunity to compete, and both Wojciechowski and Reed offer upside as players that could start for them in a relatively short period of time. Another solid pick.

What's your supplemental first round mock?