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MLB Bonus Baby and Perfect Game - A Winning Team

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One of the new developments that I am most pleased about with regards to MLB Bonus Baby is an agreement with the folks over at Perfect Game Crosschecker to work together on a few initiatives this draft season.

If you aren't familiar with Perfect Game's Crosschecker product, it's essentially the best place out there for continuously-updated high school, college, and draft information. Since Perfect Game runs such a large number of showcases across the United States every year, their information on high school players is particularly breathtaking, and they know years in advance what I find out in summer showcases the year before a prospect's draft year. It's simply astounding. It's the number one place I recommend to check out for draft information beyond what I can offer here, as I've found over and over again that their information is always (and I mean always) spot on.

As part of the agreement, I'll be providing coverage for them on the state of Georgia, my lovely home state, as well as part of Florida. I'm honored that they saw enough value in me to pursue this agreement. In return, they're going to be sending traffic this way as a link from their site, as they already did last week. This agreement will not take anything away from this blog, but will only enhance the quality of the offerings.

I'll be linking to each of the draft pieces that Allan Simpson, David Rawnsley, Jeff Simpson, and Patrick Ebert will be writing between now and the draft, and I do encourage you to buy into their subscription system. It will be well worth it.

They have released their proposed draft coverage schedule for these remaining weeks at no charge to the public, and if you look at the offerings, you'll see it's incredibly deep.

So, having said all this, I encourage to go take a look and see what they have to offer you as the curious draft content reader. I guarantee you won't feel cheated.