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As some of you have noticed, there are a few new widgets around the edges of the site. They're there to make navigating a little easier.

The first in the left-hand column below the list of SB Nation blogs is a link to buy the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. It's the same link as was up on my old site, just with a better description to go along with it.

Below that is a countdown clock. I've set it to expire at 7 pm eastern on June 7. I don't know what time the draft will be starting, but I expect it will be 6 or 7 on that first evening. We have 39 days from today.

Below the clock is a live stream of my Twitter account. I had a similar feature on my old site, but this one looks more functional and should be helpful.

Keep following the left-hand column to find the draft order for the first round and supplemental first round. I'll add more rounds if you like. It just takes up a lot of space to write each pick in a row.

One widget I added this morning was a list of the states from my Casing the States series. Each state is a link to the writeup that includes that state, including each of the states listed in my Empty States writeup. I hope the Texas links make sense.

The final new widget you can find in the right-hand column below the SB Nation Recent Stories feature. It's the list of my current mock draft, with arrows to indicate which way the player moved from the mock draft before. At the bottom of that current list is a link to each of the mock drafts I've done so far, with the most recent listed at the top, indicating which mock is shown in the list.

I hope you find the new widgets to be useful.

Let me know what you think. Any other widgets you would like?