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40 Days: Draft Day Coverage

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As you can tell, it's been a slow day here. The reason for that is that I'm taking today to really plan out the last 40 days of draft coverage before the 2010 draft becomes a reality.

My plan at the moment is to continue with the Casing the States series as the main avenue of coverage. I'll throw in discussion questions and such, but the majority of my energy will be spent on those writeups. They're the free arm I offer you in opposition to draft coverage on pay sites, and when draft day comes along, I highly encourage you to find the writeups on the players your team picks and copy and paste them on your favorite fan site. Since they're not behind a pay wall of any sort, that's the best way to provide free coverage that can be useful to everyone.

Though the Casing the States series will be the main area of coverage here on the site, most of my actual time and energy will be spent on the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. Though my preliminary reports are done, I'm already going through and refining the list of players I'm going to use, because things have changed as expected. Since I'm casting a wider net than just the top ten rounds, the player pool hasn't changed as much, but the philosophy is the same. When I start handing out grades to players using the Seiler Rating System, I'll pass those along here, but the writeups in the Notebook will remain with those who buy the product. It's only $9.99, so I don't feel bad about restricting the dissemination of the information in the product. I don't want the profiles copied and pasted on team sites all over the web, but there will be plenty of free coverage here.

With all that being said, the real reason I'm making an entry out of this is that I want to know what kind of draft day coverage you want. Last year, I joined with Doug Gray as part of a draft chat, and it was pretty successful.

Do you want another live chat? Do you have me to live blog it here?

Let me know what you're thinking, and we'll figure out how draft day will be done.