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FanPost Roundup

One of the things I really like about SB Nation is the interaction between members in the community. That goes well beyond simply commenting on the things I write. The FanPost section on the right-hand side of the screen offers the chance to write about anything and everything related to the draft, and I highly encourage the use of FanPosts.

As such, I'll offer a quick roundup on some FanPosts every once in awhile to get people to read and comment on them, as they're a big part of what can be offered here. Here is the roundup for the first week and a half of FanPosts on the new MLB Bonus Baby.

The honor for first FanPost goes to atlantalove, who offered their view of the top pitching prospects in the draft. Others offered their top pitching prospects in the comments, and this is a great example of how readers can drive the content and discussion here.

The first reader mock draft honor goes to Gobroks, who offered a first round mock draft in a similar format to my mock drafts. It's a very solid piece, and I highly recommend it. You'll see that many of the names in that draft are very close to where they are in my mock draft from this morning.

In addition to offering the first FanPost ever here, atlantalove returned to give thoughts on why the Nationals won't select Bryce Harper. Though the opinion of the author is that the Nationals will indeed select Harper, they give reasons why it's possible that Harper won't be #1 in June. While I don't agree with all the ideas, it's an exercise in thinking about how decisions are made in the drafting process.

Daniel Berlyn discusses Yasmani Grandal's rise and where he might go in the draft. I noted Grandal's movement in my mock draft this morning, and Berlyn does a nice job of summing up where Grandal could end up.

The honor for most thought-provoking FanPost goes to crawdaddy with his post a few hours ago of an MLB Draft Value Chart. It starts out with the idea of MLB allowing draft picks to be traded, then assigns value to each of the picks in a system similar to valuing NFL draft picks that can be traded. It's very intriguing, and I recommend following the link in the FanPost, too.

That's all for now, but if you have a thought or an idea on the draft, feel free to create  your own FanPost over the next six weeks before the draft and beyond. It only helps advance the discussion of the draft and its public exposure.