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My Outfield Choice: Josh Sale

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Well, it seems that Josh Sale is a favorite of this community. He started off with a big lead, but competitors Bryce Brentz and Austin Wilson seem to have closed the gap.

Those are the three names I would legitimately consider for the choice personally. Michael Choice is making headway in the scouting community, but I still prefer Brentz due to his secondary tools that outrank Choice's.

The reason I would choose Josh Sale is that I just love his bat. I think he's as close to a lock to be a plus hitter as there is in this draft. Bryce Harper may have the plus-plus raw power that makes scouts drool, but Sale's approach and hitting tools make him almost equally as valuable, as he profiles to possibly be a consistent .300 hitter with 30+ home run power.

The big difference between someone like Harper and someone like Sale is the other tools that they own. Though Sale may be fairly close to Harper's equal with the bat, the other tools aren't close. Sale is a fringe-average runner, and when you combine that with fringe-average range and a fringe-average arm, you have a possible left fielder in the future if he continues to bulk up, which is a distinct possibility for a gym rat like him. I think he'll play well in right field for awhile, but he might end up being a Jeff Bagwell type of player that is simply too bulked up to play anywhere of defensive value.

That's where Austin Wilson's argument comes in. He's just a freakish athlete with a huge ceiling that resembles the closest thing to a five tool player in this draft. However, he still only profiles for right field, not center, and he's not nearly as polished with the bat as Sale is. That's not to say that Wilson doesn't have what it takes to hit pro pitching. He certainly does. However, his transition might not go as smoothly, and I prefer the hitter who stands a reasonable chance of reaching his ceiling in Sale.

It's really all about preference, though. If you like athleticism and raw tools, Wilson needs to be your choice. If you like pure hitting ability, Sale is your choice. If you like a college bat with solid tools and raw power, Brentz is your man. If you like power and patience, Choice is the best option. Speed and defense goes to Gary Brown.

There's a lot to like about the outfielders in this class, even if there aren't names that are no doubt top ten players. There's something for everyone in the class, so it's all about the discussion in a community such as this.