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Interesting College Pitchers for the 2010 Draft, Part Four

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Sammy Solis, University of San Diego

Four more: Solis, Wimmers, Wojchiechowski, and Workman. Tomorrow I will have a supplemental report about other high school and college pitchers I haven't mentioned yet.

Sammy Solis, LHP, University of San Diego
     A back injury redshirted Solis in 2009, so he's a draft-eligible sophomore this year. He should be signable provided he's drafted where expected, in the late part of the first round or in the supplemental round. Sizeable at 6-5, 220, he has an 89-92 MPH fastball, and both his curveball and changeup are major league quality. His command is considered excellent, and there is nothing wrong with his statistical performance this spring: 2.94 ERA with a 52/15 K/BB in 52 innings, 51 hits allowed. He won't go as high in the draft as Brian Matusz did back in '08, but he should still interest any team looking for a lefty with polish who won't need much minor league time.

Alex Wimmers, RHP, The Ohio State University
     The 6-2, 195 pound right-hander out of the Big Ten has great numbers: 1.71 ERA with a 67/15 K/BB in 58 innings, with 49 hits allowed. Backing up the statistical performance is a 90-93 MPH fastball, an above-average curveball, and an excellent changeup. He is very polished and is considered to be similar to Mike Leake from the '09 draft with his ability to change speeds and make hitters look bad. Like Leake, he shouldn't need a lot of minor league polish, though he won't likely go as high in the draft as Leake did. His home-state Reds pick at 12th and could be tempted to grab another polished pitcher. He seems likely to be the second, safe choice for several clubs if their first choice gets snapped up by someone else.

Asher Wojchiechowski, RHP, The Citadel
     A fast riser, the 6-4, 205 pounder has a 2.49 ERA with an 86/19 K?BB in 65 innings this spring, with 51 hits allowed, showing excellent component ratios. He has the stuff to go with the numbers: 90-94 MPH fastball, hitting 95-96 at times, along with a good slider. His other pitches need some work, but he throws strikes most of the time and has good mechanics. He'll have to sharpen his secondary stuff to start at higher levels, but he should have the aptitude to do so. I like him at the bottom part of the first round.

Brandon Workman, RHP, University of Texas
    I saw Workman pitch for Texas in March.
     He has intimidating size at 6-5, 220, and his numbers look good on the surface this spring: 2.89 ERA with a 56/12 K/BB in 62 innings, 58 hits allowed. Keep in mind that the team ERA for Texas is 2.41; his performance has not been the most impressive on the Longhorns staff this spring. That said, scouts still love his stuff, and he's made strides with his mechanics and command. Although considered a lock for the first round two months ago, his stock might be dropping slightly as other pitchers become the flavors of the month. Scouts have seen a lot of Workman over the years, and sometimes guys like that can start to slip even if they don't deserve to. He could go anywhere from pick 12 to pick 40.