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Unwarranted Interstate 35 Trade Speculation

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I just made this up, but see if it makes sense to you.

It's late July. The Twins are doing okay, three games ahead of the Tigers, but they have a black hole at third base (at least offensively). No one is hitting there, and Danny Valencia is struggling at Triple-A and isn't the answer.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Alex Gordon is hitting a rather disappointing.254/.329/.432 but Alberto Callaspo is hitting .330/.385/.515. Chris Getz is also hitting well at second base, and no one is sure how to get both Gordon and Callaspo into the same lineup.

If you were the Royals, would you consider trading Gordon, thinking that Callaspo is the real answer at third base and that maybe Alex needs a change of scenery to get out from under the expectations in KC? If you were the Twins, would it make sense to go after Gordon?  

If it makes sense for both clubs, what would the trade package look like?

How about catching prospect Wilson Ramos, outfielder Joe Benson, and infielder Trevor Plouffe to KC in exchange for Gordon? Would that be overpaying, not paying enough, or just right?  

I'm not trying to start a rumor here: I'm just making this up. But does it make sense?