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4/17 Draft Links

As part of an easier platform in which to blog and link to things, I'm going to start regularly linking to content that is pertinent to the draft. Some will be behind pay walls, and I'll mention that if they are. I won't be quoting any content behind pay walls for obvious reasons, but I will of some of the free sites out there. This is the first installation of the links, and feel free to add any I miss in the comments.

The ESPN MLB Draft Blog has a pair of articles up this morning behind a pay wall. Jason Churchill writes about Anthony Ranaudo's return, as well as a roundup of other Friday action around the country. Keith Law took in yesterday's match-up between North Carolina and Miami, and he has notes up on Yasmani Grandal, Matt Harvey, Harold Martinez, Levi Michael, and Brian Goodwin. Both are worth a read if you're an Insider.

Aaron Fitt over at Baseball America has his usual Friday Highlights on BA's College Blog. Most of the pitching performances were detailed in my morning post, but there are a few tidbits in there to catch, and it's a free feature of BA's site.

This isn't a link from this morning, but yesterday Conor Glassey at BA posted an interview with Texas high school prospect Brian Ragira. It's free, so take a listen on one of the more interesting backgrounds for a player in this class.

John Klima at Baseball Beginnings has three interesting reports up today. The first is a scouting video of LSU's Micah Gibbs. A second is a scouting report on Gary Brown of Cal State Fullerton. His final post is a scouting report of Cal's Mark Canha. For those of you that aren't familiar with John's work, his site is probably the best free resource on Southern California prospects out there, and he covers other national prospects as well, as evidenced in the Micah Gibbs piece. His site is definitely worth a follow.

John Sickels over at fellow SB Nation site Minor League Ball posted his first draft-related post of the season, focusing on Interesting High School Pitchers; A through J. Check it out.

That's all I have for today, but feel free to link anything in the comments that I missed.

I'm also waiting to see who does the first FanPost!