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Georgia Tech v. Clemson Open Thread

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Since SB Nation is much more conducive to commenting, I thought I'd try something new for today.

I'm heading into Midtown Atlanta this evening to take in the 7 pm match-up between Georgia Tech and Clemson. The pitching match-up includes a pair of draft-eligible players, though I'm sure you know the name Deck McGuire by now. On the Clemson side, they'll be sending southpaw Casey Harman, who is short on stuff, but excellent with command so far this year.

The key player on the Clemson side is undoubtedly Kyle Parker, and I'm heading to the stadium early enough to catch batting practice for Clemson so that I can get some video and a view into his hitting mechanics. I'll also be paying attention to his arm in infield/outfield before the game, as it's rare to be able to see an outfielder actually unload a throw during a game.

Since I'm going to be within cell phone range, I thought I'd make this an open thread, where I answer questions and post observations as I go through the game. This is an experiment, so if it doesn't work out, I'll just go back to using Twitter exclusively during games.

A game report will come tomorrow, and I'll be getting video of Deck McGuire, Derek Dietrich, Cole Leonida, Kyle Parker, and Casey Harman.