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Welcome to the New MLBBonusBaby

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I'm happy to welcome you to the new MLBBonusBaby, which has joined the SB Nation network of sports blogs as the best free MLB Draft blog on the Internet.

If you've followed my work at my old WordPress blog, thanks for sticking it out! If you're new to my work, welcome!

This blog is devoted to everything related to Major League Baseball's June amateur draft. I'll be taking you through a year-round view of baseball's draft, with different features and information that you can't find anywhere else. We're all familiar with the hoopla that is the NFL Draft, and I hope to make this blog the equivalent of SB Nation's Mocking the Draft, an NFL draft blog.

The mystery surrounding the MLB Draft stands to this day, and I see my job as taking that mystery out of the equation, allowing baseball fans to be more educated about the draft choices of their favorite team.

Enough with the serious talk. My job is fun! I get to learn something new every day and watch something new every day. My transition here makes my posting easier and more user-friendly, so I encourage you to join up with me in learning more about the draft, making this the best online community for draft discussion.

One last thing before I go. Here's the best thing about SB Nation. More after the jump.

I just wanted to say that there was more after the jump. Man, this is gonna be fun.