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Morning Notes: March 31, 2010

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Morning Notes: March 31, 2010

**Got a clean bill of health from the doctor today. BP very good at 115/75. Thank God for calcium channel blockers. I set a goal three weeks ago of losing 50 pounds in the next 52 weeks, one a week, but cutting out most sugars and refined carbs, increasing vegetable intake, and getting more exercise. So far I've lost three pounds, so I'm on schedule.

**Tomorrow we will do an All Questions Answered thread, starting at 8 AM central.

**Coming up later today: Prospect Retro for Troy Glaus. In the coming days, I am also planning Retros for Troy Tulowitzki and Nick Swisher, and a review of where Matt Kemp's career stands. And yes, I am working on the shortstop sleeper prospect thing, but it is a longer piece.

**My Rookie of the Year Picks:

NATIONAL LEAGUE:  Jason Heyward. He hits .267/.338/.434, which isn't as good as some people expect, but is still impressive considering his age. He ends up winning the award anyway.

    Runner up is Stephen Strasburg, who gets called up in late June and goes 4-6, 3.79 in 13 starts, with a 67/25 K/BB in 75 innings. That's fine performance for a rookie but doesn't completely fulfill the dreams of some.

    Darkhorse number three candidate is David Freese, who hits .272/.335/.470 for the Cardinals. Voters splitting their ballots between Freese and Strasburg end up giving the award to Heyward.

AMERICAN LEAGUE: Wade Davis, who goes 13-9, 3.55 for the Rays with a 155/69 K/BB in 180 innings.

    Runner up is Brian Matusz, who also goes 13-9 but with a 3.89 ERA. His K/BB and his FIP end up better than Davis, but he ends up losing the award to Davis in a close vote.

    The Tigers have three darkhorses: Alex Avila, Austin Jackson, and Scott Sizemore all have good rookie campaigns as the Tigers are involved in a close dogfight with the White Sox and Twins for the division title.