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Seattle Mariners sign Domincan Peguero for $2.9 Million

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Esteilon Peguero is a 6'1", 185 LB shortstop. He has long limbs and good actions in the field. He generates a lot of power with his swing. He put up league leading numbers in the new Dominican Prospect League earlier this year. It is a pitcher dominated league, but he still batted .338 with an OBP of .492 and a SLG of .879 leading to recieving the league MVP award. He is my favorite of the international free agents available this year and looks like he could be a future star with the bat. He has good actions at SS but he may grow out of the position but would have plenty of arm to be an above average 3B and may have the ability to play 2B.  

Peguero recieved the 4th highest bonus for an international amateur behind Miguel Sano(Twins) and Gary Sanchez(Yankees) last season and Michael Ynoa(A's) in 2008. He will not make an immediate impact, as he is now only 17 years old, but the potential he has is off the charts.

The Mariners have made an aggresive push in the Dominican over the past few years and it is starting to pay dividends. Michael Pineda should make his presence felt in Seattle this season after being signed in 2005 out of the Dominican  Republic. They signed shortstop Carlos Triunfel, who has had injury issues but still is a solid prospect, in 2006 along with the power hitting outfielder Carlos Peguero. In 2008, they signed sweet swinging outfielder Julio Morban, but he has had shoulder problems since he signed. He is one to watch next season and could fly up prospect lists if he regains the form he showed when he signed. This year they identified Phillips Castillo and Esteilon Peguero as the top talents and paid them $2.2 million and $2.9 milion respectively. 

 The Mariners are investing a lot of money toward rebuilding through their farm system and it will definately pay off if they continue investing in talents like these.