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A New Direction for MLB Bonus Baby

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Some of you are familiar with me from my posts on Minor League Ball or my website MiLB Prospects but this is a new direction for me and I am happy to be joining the SB Nation community as the new manager of MLB Bonus Baby.

One of the things I have loved ever since I was a kid, has been the MLB Draft. I have never understood why more baseball fans don’t love the day the future of your team is chosen. The main reason people love sports is hope and your team purchases a new batch of hope each year. My goal in this blog is to sell you hope for your team. Even teams that don’t spend much on the draft almost always come up with a player or two that are worth knowing about, I’m looking at you Chicago White Sox.  I think that is one reason so many people are following the minor leagues. Well, that and dominating their fantasy leagues. I want to help you win there as well.

The draft is a near obsession for me and I love analyzing it down to the last pick in the last round. I’m not a trained scout, but I have watched a lot of baseball in my life, and played as much as my body allowed.  I feel that I have developed a good eye for talent and weaknesses. I look forward to providing insight to all the readers here and getting information from all of you as well. There is no way any one person, or even one organization, can see all the players that are available in the draft, so I would love for all of you to join in and provide your opinion and information as well.

Though this blog will mostly be confined to the MLB Draft, but I also want to help you learn about the other bonus babies in baseball, the international players. Players from the world are a huge part of the future of baseball, just look at top prospect lists that have Jesus Montero, Julio Teheran and Aroldis Chapman right at the top.  

As we get nearer to the draft, I will post mock drafts. Following the draft, I will provide signing updates and talk about who chose well and who were steals of the draft. After the signing deadline, I will post recaps about how each team did and who they missed out on.

In the meantime, as I get rolling here at MLBBB, I will be posting my top prospect lists for each team and how the draft and international signings helped improve their farm system over the last year.

If you enjoy social networking I'm also on twitter @mlbbonusbaby for staying up to date on what's happening on the site and @milbprospects for interacting with me. We have a facebook page that I will be active on as well.

I hope you all enjoy the blog!

-Matt Garrioch