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St. Louis Cardinals Preliminary Prospect List

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Here are 38 guys from the Cardinals system. I can't fit more than this in, so if you want to suggest someone else, you have to suggest a cut too.


St. Louis Cardinals        38 players

Matthew Adams              1B
Bryan Anderson             C
Daniel Bibona              LHP
Seth Blair                 RHP
Mike Blazek                RHP
Andrew Brown               OF
Matt Carpenter             3B
Juan Castillo              C
Adron Chambers             OF
Zack Cox                   3B
Allen Craig                OF
Tony Cruz                  C
Daniel Descalso            2B
Anthony Garcia             OF
John Gast                  LHP
Scott Gorgen               RHP
Mark Hamilton              1B
Steven Hill                C
Virgil Hill                OF
Deryk Hooker               RHP
Tyrell Jenkins             RHP
Daryl Jones                OF
Joe Kelly                  RHP
Blake King                 RHP
Pete Kozma                 SS
Nick Longmire              OF
Lance Lynn                 RHP
Shelby Miller              RHP
Tommy Pham                 OF
Adam Reifer                RHP
Tevor Rosenthal            RHP  
Zach Russell               RHP 
Fernando Salas             RHP
Eduardo Sanchez            RHP
Cody Stanley               C
Robert Stock               C
Jordan Swagerty            RHP
Oscar Taveras              OF