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Boston Red Sox Draft Report

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Following the draft next year, I will write up how each team did. This winter, I am going to post how each team improved their farm system through the draft and international signings. Since the Red Sox are in the spotlight with the acquisition of Adran Gonzalez and now signing Carl Crawford, I will lead off with them. The Red Sox just traded 3 of their top 10 prospects in Anthony Rizzo, Casey Kelly and Reymond Fuentes to acquire Gonzalez but it didn't hurt their system as much as you would think. With these players headed to San Diego, it moves players drafted this year up the list.

The Red Sox had a loaded farm system prior to the trade, but they still have one of the best in the minor leagues. They spent the 4th most on the draft this year and it showed. While they only had one 1st round pick and two supplemental picks, they signed six players that could have been 1st round talents. The number next to the player is the rank on their top prospect list.

The Draft:

1. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP

Ranaudo slipped due to shoulder issues but showed his normal stuff in the Cape Cod league this summer leading to him signing. He is one of the closest players to the majors from this seasons draft. I love his demeanor on the mound and he has the stuff to be a #2 starter if not more.

3. Garin Cecchini, SS

Cecchini slid due to injury as well, but his was a torn ACL. He had it reconstructed and was already recovered by the time he signed. It shouldn't cause any future issues because he will likely be moved to 3B as soon as his first professional game. He has the bat and arm to play there and speed isn't a huge part of his game, even though he stole quite a few bags in high school. His parents were his coaches and his younger brother is a top prospect in the 2012 draft, so he has had a strong baseball upbringing and it shows in his work ethic.

5. Brandon Workman, RHP

Workman is a rare underrated pitcher from Texas. He can run it up to 95 but sits 90-93. His curveball is great, looking almost unhittable at times. His command was his biggest knock in the past, but he improved on it a lot this season. He and Ranaudo are similar in the fact they have power stuff and are big righties and they could be the middle of the Red Sox rotation of the future.

6. Kolbrin Vitek, 2B

Vitek is a polished hitter, one of the best college bats in the draft. He's a good athlete and has quite a bit of speed. They tried him at 3B this season but I think he is best suited for RF down the line, he definately has the arm for it. His power is the key to his success and he needs to cut down on his strikeouts to reach his potential.

12. Sean Coyle, SS

Coyle isn't a a power hitter, but he hits the ball hard and man can he run. It wouldn't surprise me to see 30 steals from Coyle as early as next season. I don't think he has the arm to stay at SS, though. He could be a Chuck Knoblauch kind of player.

13. Bryce Brentz, OF

Brentz is a slugger. He has a swing that lends to hitting the ball hard, but often, he swings and misses. He struck out 76 times in just 262 AB's in his pro debut but he also hit 23 extra base hits. He will continue to punish the ball and could move fast if he starts making better contact. If not, he may just be power hitting backup outfielder. He is an above average fielder in RF and could play a little CF if needed.

14. Chris Hernandez, LHP

I like Hernandez more than most. He doesn't have great stuff, quite the opposite. His fastball rarely hits 90 MPH but he has a solid curveball and owns a plus changeup with plus command of all 3. He also has a cutter that I think he will use more as a pro. He should carve up lower level hitters and what he does when he reaches Double-A will show more of what his future holds.

17. Kendrick Perkins, OF

Perkins is another player who has 1st round caliber tools. He's a 6'3", 220 LB athlete who was a football star at his high school. He could have easily been a Division I running back if he chose football. The Sox are lucky he chose baseball. His athletic ability, speed and arm are great tools. He has a really good swing that generates good power and is balanced. He does need a lot of polish though. He may not break out right away, but I see someone who could be a star when I see him.

32. Mathew Price, RHP

Price is a tall thin righty with a nice fastball and a sharp curveball. He throws in the mid 90's in short bursts but throws in the low 90's mostly. He needs some mechanical work but nothing too major. I see him as a solid bullpen arm, but he should get a shot as a starter first.

43. Henry Ramos, OF

Ramos is a long, lanky almost awkward looking athlete from Puerto Rico. That doesn't mean he won't gain strength and smooth out, because he does have a lot of power potential and good speed. He hasn't played a lot of baseball and he will take some time to gain polish. 

International Signings:

38. Iago Januarrio, RHP

As a rare signee from Brazil signed for a reported $1.5 million dollars. I honestly know very little about him other than he is a 6'6" right hander and will be 18 years old at the start of the 2011 season. I assume he will be stateside and play in the GCL when it starts. If he received that much cash, he must be worth following.

39. Jorge Padron, OF

Padron can play all three OF positions but is likely a LF with gap power. He is short and stocky at 5'11, 200+. He could end up as a platoon LF or if he works on hitting for power, he could develop into more.

A few others to watch:

Lucas LeBlanc, OF

Leblanc is a pretty average player across the board. He has good bat speed with some power. He has pretty good speed and could be a solid 4th OF'er.

Jason Garcia, RHP

Garcia is young for the draft class and has 3 potentially average pitches. He did well in his Rookie ball debut and should be watched closely next season. If he can develop an outpitch, he could be one to watch.

Roberto Rosario, OF

Rosario is a speedy dominican who made his mark in the new Dominican Prospect League. He signed for $150,000 and could be at least a contributor defensively and on the basepaths. I haven't seen him hit at all though.

Best Unsigned Players from the Draft:

Adam Duke, RHP

Duke was the 16th round pick by the Red Sox and decided to head to Oregon State. He can run it up to the mid 90's at times and has a really sharp curveball. He has an average changeup and could develop into a top of the draft talent at Oregon State.

Eric Jaffe, RHP/1B

Jaffe is a 6'4, 230 LB power everything. He can hit a ton and has great stuff on the mound. He didn't sign and headed to California. Since Cal is losing their baseball program, he is headed to UCLA. I'm not sure if he'll be eligible this season, but he'll be an impact player for at least 2 years at UCLA. 

Roderick "Rock" Shoulders, 1B

Rock is a huge kid at 6'2, 225 LBS. He has a big swing and big power. He isn't in great shape but he can hit the ball a ton. He might not end up being a player but he could be a Carlos Pena guy if everything went right. He will be eligible again in the 2011 draft, as he is attending Manatee CC.

Overall Top 50 Prospects:

1. Anthony Ranaudo, P
2. Jose Iglesias, SS
3. Garin Cecchini, SS
4. Yamaico Navarro, SS
5. Brandon Workman, P
6. Kolbrin Vitek, 2B
7. Josh Reddick, OF
8. Derrik Gibson, SS
9. Lars Anderson, 1B
10. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
11. Che-Hsuan Lin, OF
12. Sean Coyle, SS
13. Bryce Brentz, OF
14. Chris Hernandez, P
15. Jose Vinicio, SS
16. Stolmy Pimentel, P
17. Kendrick Perkins, OF
18. Oscar Tejeda, 2B
19. Ryan Westmoreland, OF
20. Pete Hissey, OF
21. Miles Head, 3B
22. Micheal Almanzar, 3B
23. Madison Younginer, P
24. Brandon Jacobs, OF
25. Luis Exposito, C
26. David Renfroe, SS
27. Kendal Volz, P
28. Keury De La Cruz, OF
29. Jeremy Hazelbaker, OF
30. Kyle Weiland, P
31. Felix Doubront, P
32. Mathew Price, P
33. Ryan Lavarnway, C
34. Felix Sanchez, OF
35. Chih-Hsien Chiang, OF
36. Ryan Dent, 2B
37. Roman Mendez, P
38. Iago Januarrio, P
39. Jorge Padron, OF
40. Tim Federowicz, C
41. Drake Britton, P
42. Brock Huntzinger, P
43. Henry Ramos, OF
44. Stephen Fife, P
45. Chris Balcom-Miller, P
46. Mitch Dening, OF
47. Xander Bogaerts, H
48. Jose Garcia, H
49. Jason Thompson, SS
50. Jason Place, OF