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2010 Players I've Seen Live

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I wanted to give you a quick list of the players I've seen in person this spring, focusing on the players eligible for the 2010 draft. The Ole Miss-Georgia writeup will likely have to wait for tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll love what I do with it.

Here are the players I've seen this spring. Feel free to ask questions about any and all:

Derek Dietrich
Deck McGuire
Brandon Cumpton
Kevin Jacob
Zach Brewster
Cole Leonida
Tony Plagman
Chase Burnette
Jeff Rowland
Andrew Robinson
Roddy Jones
Thomas Nichols
Justin Grimm
Justin Earls
Reggie Williams
Blaine O'Brien
Nathan Fawbush
Heine Rivera
Bryan Benzor
T.J. Rich
Chevez Clarke
Kevin Jordan
Andrew Smith
Ralston Cash
Andrew Toles
Chris Triplett
Aaron Warren
Zane Evans
Conner Kendrick
Myles Jaye
Jaren Matthews
Mike Lang
Casey Gaynor
Dan Betteridge
Jayson Hernandez
Aaron Meade
Mike Kickham
Steven Brooks
Pay Doyle
Aaron Conway
Drew Pomeranz
Matt Smith
Robert Crews
Mike Murray
Tim Ferguson
Miles Hamblin

That's all I can think of right now. I'll add more as I see them.