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My wife and I have been suffering the effects of sitting directly in the hot sun for 4 hours since the game on Saturday, so my ability to write out a report has been a little slow. Note to self: bring sun screen when it is 85 degrees and you know you'll be without shade for hours on end. That's my first real sunburn experience at a game this year, so I figure I get one free pass. The game report will be up this evening.

In the meantime, with the draft just two months away now, and with Opening Day upon us, I'm putting out a call for an editor or two for the MLB Draft Notebook. This position would be unpaid, but with credit in the book as an editor.

I need people to go through and help me with typos and consistency, meaning that if I spell groundball pitcher like this, then I don't spell it ground ball pitcher in another player's writeup. Stuff that is that simple.

If you're interested, send an email to mlbbonusbaby at gmail dot com, and include your name, contact info, your education, and your schedule availability from mid-May through the weekend before the draft. Also include a writing sample or a link to something you've written so I can see your ability in terms of spelling and grammar. It doesn't have to be baseball writing. Any writing will do.

Just to be clear, the editing won't involve changing any content. The reports you receive will be in final form, and your job will be to polish them by fixing typos and ensuring there is consistent grammar. Once you've sent them back, I'll be looking them over one last time, then inserting them into the book.