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Seeking Suggestions

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Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. It has just been one of those weeks so far.

This post is a call for any suggestions you might have for draft coverage. I'm open to doing pretty much anything if it's within the realm of drafting.

I'm going to have another book review up this weekend, this one on John Schuerholz' Built to Win. That's pretty much the only definite piece I have for this week, so if you want to see anything in particular, I'm willing to try it.

I'm in the middle of a study on re-drafts, the point being to see which teams draft players that turn into top prospects later on, getting re-drafted higher than they were drafted out of high school. I'm also putting together something about how draft position out of high school affects draft position out of college, and also the economics behind the decisions made there. It's a lot of data entry and interviewing, but it should be a really good study once it's done. I hope to really put together something definitive on a subject that's only talked about in generalities.

It's obvious that someone like a Matt Purke will have trouble finding a bonus amount that equals his best offer out of high school, but what about those players drafted in the 17th round who turned down $200K to sign? What are your chances of getting that much and more, along with inflation, your savings in college, etc.? See how many variables can be involved? It's not as easy a decision as it can be made out to be.

That's what is going on around here, in addition to report writing.

Post your suggestions in the comments, and I'll get started on them for tomorrow.