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I have an exciting announcement to make on the status of the upcoming new look to MLBBonusBaby.

I've agreed to join SB Nation, a nationwide network of sports blogs, as their manager for a new MLB Draft blog. The contract is signed, and the final touches are being made for an upcoming launch that should happen pretty soon.

The other good news is that you don't have to bookmark a new site, as the web address will stay the same. The content will be the same stuff you've grown accustomed to, with the added benefits of being on a user-friendly platform. If you don't know what SB Nation sites look like, check out MinorLeagueBall. One account serves all the SB Nation sites, and commenting is easy both at home and on the go with mobile commenting and mobile formats for the blogs.

I've held off debuting much of the video I've collected so far so that I can make it a bigger part of the new look, as managing an SB Nation blog is also much more user-friendly and high-tech.

I'm not going to announce an official launch date, because one day you'll simply show up and it will be a completely different look. No change in web address or change in author and content. Just a pure upgrade.

As a sneak peak, here's a look at the MLBBonusBaby logo. Sit back and enjoy the ride.