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Pitch Counts - Weekend of March 12

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This is going to be a new feature that I use to show you some questionable pitch counts that college pitchers are subjected to.

My Georgia Tech-Wake Forest game report will be up tonight, but for now, here are some questionable counts for this weekend so far, all in no particular order:

T.J. Walz, Kansas (2010): 116 at LSU
Taylor Jungmann, Texas (2011): 123 v. Iowa (seriously?)
Drew Pomeranz, Ole Miss (2010): 114 v. Louisville
Pat Dean, Boston College (2010): 121 at Miami
Gerrit Cole, UCLA (2011): 112 at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Sonny Gray, Vanderbilt (2011): 111 v. Ohio
Logan Darnell, Kentucky (2010): 114 v. IUPU-Fort Wayne
Barret Loux, Texas A&M (2010): 111 v. Washington State
Tyler Lyons, Oklahoma State (2010): 120 v. UMass
Aaron Meade, Missouri State (2010): 122 at Southern Miss
Tyler Anderson, Oregon (2011): 117 v. Seattle
Asher Wojciechowski, The Citadel (2010): 138 v. Western Carolina (this can’t be right)
Dallas Gallant, Houston (2010): 126 at UT Arlington
Jason Mitchell, UT Arlington (2010): 128 v. Houston
Adam Champion, Arkansas-Little Rock (2010): 119 v. South Alabama
Cole Cook, Pepperdine (2010): 111 v. East Carolina
Brandon Workman, Texas (2010): 110 v. Iowa
Trevor Bauer, UCLA (2011): 110 v. Mississippi State
Tyler Waldron, Oregon State (2010): 128 v. Portland (ugh…)
Daniel Bibona, UC Irvine (2010): 119 at Sacramento State
Rett Varner, UT Arlington (2010): 113 v. Sam Houston State

Anything over 110 is bad for this time of year, but anything over 120 is ridiculous. The Asher Wojciechowski line is the most ridiculous of the bunch, and I hope something is done to limit his pitch counts over his start or two.