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Just in case you're not aware, here's a quick look at my schedule for the weekend.

Today, I'm catching Deck McGuire for the last time in what will be over a month between sightings, as my next scheduled appearance at a Georgia Tech game won't be until Clemson comes to town on April 16. That's both deliberate and accidental, as Tech is out of town until a series against Duke in early April, and I also want to rest my eyes from seeing McGuire too much. Sometimes you can become numb to the talent a player has, and you start to pick apart the flaws. I want to compare him to more players before I start really doing that. As usual, I'll have a game report up late tomorrow night on McGuire's start and the other action around the game.

Tomorrow I'll be in Marietta, Georgia to see Chevez Clarke for a doubleheader against fairly weak competition. I'm particularly excited to see Clarke, as I've heard good things in some conversations with scouts at games over the past week or so. One crosschecker in particular said he was surprised at how well Clarke was seeing the ball, and with his general play and energy, a stark contrast to his summer and fall performances, where the talent was there, but his hitting was the big question. He's putting on some shows lately, so we'll see how he plays in front of me. I want to see how his switch-hitting has progressed, but there's no guarantee I'll see him against a lefty. We'll just have to wait and see. I'll have a report up late tomorrow night on his performance.

I'll probably head up to Athens next weekend to take in at least the Friday game between Georgia and Auburn in the opening weekend of SEC play, but I might push that off until Saturday. I'm not going to both games, as I have to pay for tickets there (which are stupidly expensive for a college program), and I'd like to see senior Jeff Walters pitch for Georgia, and I'm more interested in the Auburn hitters than their pitchers, so seeing their Friday starter isn't a big deal.

Whichever way I decide, I'll be catching a prep game in the weekend, too. I really want to get down to see Cam Bedrosian since his start was rained out this week, so I might form my schedule to fit his. Deandre Smelter and Kaleb Cowart are on the short list, too, though I want to catch Cowart when he's pitching. I already know the defense at third should be solid, so to see him both pitch and hit is important.

Just as a side note, when I was watching Andrew Smith the other night, bad news about Jake Skole started being whispered around, and it was related to an MRI he had on his ankle, the reason I didn't go out to see him last weekend. He's going to miss a chunk of time, and I'm going to nail down the real injury and MRI results some time this weekend.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy the coverage of the third McGuire start I've taken in this spring.