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Today's Schedule

I'll be starting to use Twitter sometime around 11 this morning as I take in another day of batting practice before the Georgia Tech-Rutgers game. It should be warm enough, and I should be in the sun enough, to be able to live Tweet through that whole game, and my main target is Brandon Cumpton, though I'm paying close attention to Jaren Matthews, to see if I see anything I didn't yesterday.

After that game, which should be done around 3:30, I'm driving a little over half an hour to Blessed Trinity Catholic High School out in Woodstock, Georgia, to see Blessed Trinity against Woodland High School. That game will feature three solid prospects, two of them in the 2010 draft. Jake Skole is the main event for the day, and he's a possible first-day pick, and Alex Cruz is a big-bodied shortstop that will likely have to switch to third base, probably even as soon as college. He's committed to Georgia Tech, and while I saw him in the fall, I'm interested to see if he has improved. The other prospect is also from Blessed Trinity, and it's 2012 prospect Rock Rucker, a 6'4''/200 sophomore outfielder who is lefty all the way. He should be a very good 2012 follow, and he'll have a chance to hit his way into the first round then. He's also a very good pitcher, and I haven't even asked about their pitching schedule, so I might be pleasantly surprised.

The odds that I Tweet through the second game are low, as the weather will be getting down to the 40s quickly in that game. I'll probably be wearing gloves with hand warmers in them so I can even write anything. When I get into the car afterward, though, I'll let you know some quick thoughts.

It will be late tonight before any game reports will be up, as I have to drive to the Georgia mountains and back, but I should have the Tech writeup up at about 11. The Blessed Trinity report will probably wait until tomorrow.

I'll be in Cochran, Georgia for Sunday's game between Middle Georgia JC and Lincoln Trail JC (IL), so enjoy your Saturday of baseball.