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Upcoming Schedule

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Sorry for not being able to chat yesterday. I'll be back on the normal schedule next week for a chat at noon eastern on Wednesdays throughout the season.

Here's a quick update about my schedule for the weekend and next week.

Friday: Georgia Tech v. Rutgers in Atlanta
Saturday: Georgia Tech v. Rutgers in Atlanta at 1; Blessed Trinity v. Woodland HS in Roswell at 6 (Jake Skole, Alex Cruz)
Sunday: Middle Georgia JC v. Lincoln Trail JC (IL) in Cochran (Reggie Williams)
Monday: Dalton HS v. Heritage HS in Dalton (Tyler Austin)
Tuesday: Young Harris JC v. Wabash Valley JC (IL) in Young Harris (Jake Montgomery, Brett Armour, Mel Rojas)
Wednesday: Newnan HS v. East Coweta HS in Newnan (Cam Bedrosian)
Thursday: Rockmart HS v. Calhoun HS in Rockmart (Mott Hyde)
Friday: Georgia Tech v. Wake Forest in Atlanta
Saturday: Marietta HS v. The Walker HS in Marietta, doubleheader (Chevez Clarke)
Sunday: None

These plans are subject to change, but this is the most up to date form of the schedule I've made.

Hope you guys enjoy the coverage, as I'll be using Twitter throughout these games where there's cell phone coverage.