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Weekend Column: Justin Grimm Video

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I shot around a half hour of video yesterday at the Georgia-Stetson matchup, and the majority of that is on my computer waiting for some editing. The only real ready-for-showing video is now uploaded here. As you can see, it has HD quality if you choose to watch it at that level. Please forgive the shaky quality of the camera work, as it was my first time out with the camera, I was incredibly cold, and saying it was windy was an understatement. Every fly ball was a battle for the fielders, and filming became that much harder. I'll have plenty of later video on Grimm, so I'm not worried about this week's action as much as getting good stuff later. More video footage will be posted later on in the week as I have time to edit.

Enjoy this 3 minute clip of Grimm warming up before yesterday's outing. It's always fun to listen to The Who in the background.