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2010 Draft Order

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This is probably a good thing to have linked on the front page.

First Round
1. Washington Nationals
2. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Kansas City Royals
5. Cleveland Indians
6. Arizona Diamondbacks
7. New York Mets
8. Houston Astros
9. San Diego Padres
10. Oakland Athletics
11. Toronto Blue Jays
12. Cincinnati Reds
13. Chicago White Sox
14. Milwaukee Brewers
15. Texas Rangers (compensation for not signing Matt Purke)
16. Chicago Cubs
17. Tampa Bay Rays
18. Los Angeles Angels (compensation for the Mariners signing Chone Figgins)
19. Houston Astros (compensation for the Tigers signing Jose Valverde)
20. Boston Red Sox (compensation for the Braves signing Billy Wagner)
21. Minnesota Twins
22. Texas Rangers
23. Florida Marlins
24. San Francisco Giants
25. St. Louis Cardinals
26. Colorado Rockies
27. Philadelphia Phillies
28. Los Angeles Dodgers
29. Los Angeles Angels (compensation for the Red Sox signing John Lackey)
30. Los Angeles Angels
31. Tampa Bay Rays (compensation for not signing LeVon Washington)
32. New York Yankees

Supplemental First Round
33. Houston Astros (compensation for Type A Jose Valverde)
34. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for Type A Marco Scutaro)
35. Atlanta Braves (compensation for Type A Mike Gonzalez)
36. Boston Red Sox (compensation for Type A Jason Bay)
37. Los Angeles Angels (compensation for Type A John Lackey)
38. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for not signing James Paxton)
39. Boston Red Sox (compensation for Type A Billy Wagner)
40. Los Angeles Angels (compensation for Type A Chone Figgins)
41. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for Type B Rod Barajas)
42. Tampa Bay Rays (compensation for Type B Gregg Zaun)
43. Seattle Mariners (compensation for Type B Adrian Beltre)
44. Detroit Tigers (compensation for Type B Brandon Lyon)
45. Texas Rangers (compensation for Type B Marlon Byrd)
46. St. Louis Cardinals (compensation for Type B Mark DeRosa)
47. Colorado Rockies (compensation for Type B Jason Marquis)
48. Detroit Tigers (compensation for Type B Fernando Rodney)
49. Texas Rangers (compensation for Type B Ivan Rodriguez)
50. St. Louis Cardinals (compensation for Type B Joel Pineiro)

Second Round
51. Washington Nationals
52. Pittsburgh Pirates
53. Atlanta Braves (compensation for the Orioles signing Mike Gonzalez)
54. Kansas City Royals
55. Cleveland Indians
56. Arizona Diamondbacks
57. Boston Red Sox (compensation for the Mets signing Jason Bay)
58. Houston Astros
59. San Diego Padres
60. Oakland Athletics
61. Toronto Blue Jays
62. Cincinnati Reds
63. Chicago White Sox
64. Milwaukee Brewers
65. Chicago Cubs
66. Tampa Bay Rays
67. Seattle Mariners
68. Detroit Tigers
69. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for not signing Jake Eliopoulos)
70. Atlanta Braves
71. Minnesota Twins
72. Texas Rangers
73. Florida Marlins
74. San Francisco Giants
75. St. Louis Cardinals
76. Colorado Rockies
77. Philadelphia Phillies
78. Los Angeles Dodgers
79. Tampa Bay Rays (compensation for not signing Kenny Diekroeger)
80. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for the Red Sox signing Marco Scutaro)
81. Los Angeles Angels
82. New York Yankees

Third Round
83. Washington Nationals
84. Pittsburgh Pirates
85. Baltimore Orioles
86. Kansas City Royals
87. Cleveland Indians
88. Arizona Diamondbacks
89. New York Mets
90. Houston Astros
91. San Diego Padres
92. Oakland Athletics
93. Toronto Blue Jays
94. Cincinnati Reds
95. Chicago White Sox
96. Milwaukee Brewers
97. Chicago Cubs
98. Tampa Bay Rays
99. Seattle Mariners
100. Detroit Tigers
101. Atlanta Braves
102. Minnesota Twins
103. Texas Rangers
104. Florida Marlins
105. San Francisco Giants
106. St. Louis Cardinals
107. Colorado Rockies
108. Philadelphia Phillies
109. Los Angeles Dodgers
110. Boston Red Sox
111. Los Angeles Angels
112. New York Yankees

Supplemental Third Round
113. Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for not signing Jake Barrett)
114. Chicago White Sox (compensation for not signing Bryan Morgado)
115. Los Angeles Angels (compensation for not signing Josh Spence)

Fourth Round
116. Washington Nationals
117. Pittsburgh Pirates
118. Baltimore Orioles
119. Kansas City Royals
120. Cleveland Indians
121. Arizona Diamondbacks
122. New York Mets
123. Houston Astros
124. San Diego Padres
125. Oakland Athletics
126. Toronto Blue Jays
127. Cincinnati Reds
128. Chicago White Sox
129. Milwaukee Brewers
130. Chicago Cubs
131. Tampa Bay Rays
132. Seattle Mariners
133. Detroit Tigers
134. Atlanta Braves
135. Minnesota Twins
136. Texas Rangers
137. Florida Marlins
138. San Francisco Giants
139. St. Louis Cardinals
140. Colorado Rockies
141. Philadelphia Phillies
142. Los Angeles Dodgers
143. Boston Red Sox
144. Los Angeles Angels
145. New York Yankees

Teams will pick every 30 picks after their corresponding Fourth Round draft slots.