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Quick Comparison with Baseball America

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I don't like comparing this blog or my content in general to Baseball America, as I know that Baseball America's history and resources far outweigh much of anything I have to offer. However, I do feel like I offer something that Baseball America can't match in terms of the free content I can give.

On BA's draft blog today, they offer their free take on the Southern California Invitational Showcase, which was held on Saturday. One thing stood out to me about their writeup. I must be going a lot deeper at this early juncture than most.

Here's why I say that. From the above link, here's what John Manuel had to say about Tony Amezcua, someone who I've already written a preliminary report for in the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook:

"Thin, rangy and projectable, Amezcua was virtually unknown before Saturday. He jumped onto everyone’s follow list by exhibiting a fluid motion on his 89-91 fastball, 80 change and 75 curve."

Now that you've read Manuel's take, compare that to the report I wrote for Amezcua over a week ago, when Amezcua was "virtually unknown."

"Tony Amezcua is a slightly projectable prep righty from Bellflower High School, which is about halfway between Los Angeles and Anaheim. Amezcua has a fairly small body for a pro prospect, though he has fair projectability, and it looks presently like he’s going to need three years of college before people really see his value. As it stands, Amezcua committed late to Long Beach State, and that shouldn’t be a major obstacle to signing if a team makes him a sizable offer. His stuff flashes average from the right-hand side, and he profiles as a back of the rotation starter with a low-90s fastball and underdeveloped offspeed stuff including a mid-70s curve and high-70s to low-80s change. It looks like he’ll get his chance to attend LBS right now, as most teams look at him as an early- to mid-teens pick, and he’ll probably go even lower if teams don’t want to waste a pick that high on a kid they think he is unsignable. He’ll be eligible for the 2012 draft as a draft-eligible sophomore if he goes on to college."

Amezcua's stock probably rose a few rounds over the weekend, so I'll change that up in my report for him in the notebook itself, as I'll do with every single player as the season goes along.

This is the sort of information I have this year, and it's improved from year-to-year. I know a player's stock as well as BA does, and while BA may be able to deliver you a wide range of services involving all things prospects, I feel that they are losing their lead in terms of draft information. It's more accessible than before.

I never, ever suggest that I am better than BA's coverage. They are superb, and they are highly respected in the scouting community and by me, as well. They are some of the best baseball writers around. I just want to put some perspective on coverage so that you know that there are other options out there if you rely on BA exclusively for their draft coverage.

If you like the writeup and comparison you see above, go ahead and pre-order the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, and you'll be entered into a drawing for an autographed baseball by Jameson Taillon, a probable top five draft pick in the 2010 draft.