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MLB Draft Notebook Excerpt - Dixon Anderson

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I've sensed a little apprehension about buying the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook due to the unknown. By that I mean people haven't bought the product before, so they're not sure what they're getting.

Since it's the first year I'm putting this together, I'm going to be putting up regular excerpts of my writeups, along with the format in which they'll come to you in the PDF form.

I've already started writing excerpts, as explained yesterday, and they will be edited and refined as more information comes in. I've withheld judgment on the Seiler Rating for now.

Here's the first real excerpt I have for you, this on Cal's Dixon Anderson:

Dixon Anderson Position: RHP School: California State: CA
Year: So. Height: 6’5’’ Weight: 225

Birth Date: 7/2/89 Seiler Rating: XXX Last Drafted: Never

2009 1 0 3.98 20 1 3 43.0 51 24 19 2 13 37

For some reason, I have a strong intuitive feel about Dixon Anderson. To begin, Anderson has a strong, workhorse body that projects to be able to handle a pro workload at the highest levels. His arm action is fairly clean, and there aren’t any big warning signs for future breakdown. He has a plus fastball that sits in the low-90s, and he may have the best chance of any 2010 draft class players to be able to routinely sit anywhere from 92-94 as a pro. He uses both a slider and curve, and both project as average offerings. In bullpen use in the past, he dropped his curve in favor of the slider, but he has fairly good command of both pitches. His changeup is actually a splitter, and it works well. There aren’t many concerns about his splitter causing arm injuries like with Alex White last year, so he’ll probably stick with it in pro ball. As a draft-eligible sophomore, Anderson holds some bargaining power with clubs, and he might want overslot money in the third round or below. However, he has first-day talent, and I don’t see him dropping out of the third round if he’s signable.

You'll find more than 750 other reports like this in the notebook, with updated college stats, pitches, tools, signability and draft position all included.

If you're interested in pre-ordering your copy of the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, you can do so here.

The next five purchasers are still eligible for a drawing to win an autographed baseball card of likely 2010 first-rounder Christian Colon, so hurry and get your orders in!