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Notebook Writing Today

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Just as an update, I've already put all the players on my preliminary draft notebook list into the format of the draft notebook, and I've started writing preliminary reports for each.

I'll obviously be changing around the reports as more information comes in, but the general information stays the same. I haven't begun to give Seiler ratings to players yet, simply because I don't want to make decisions on those aspects until the time comes.

Today, I'm spending most of my time working on the preliminary writeups, and I'm sticking to somewhere between 175 and 225 words for each for now. That's enough space to discuss tools or pitches, along with some brief background.

I've finished preliminary reports for the A's so far, and that's 30 players of the 814 I currently have in my common format. Here's a list of guys I've hit on so far with last names that start with A:

Ruddy Acosta - CA HS
Jason Adam - KS HS
Josh Adams - Florida
Josh Adams - Spartanburg Methodist JC
Josh Alexander - AZ HS
Scott Alexander - Sonoma State
Brenton Allen - CA HS
Cody Allen - St. Petersburg JC
Will Allen - FL HS
Stetson Allie - OH HS
Zach Alvord - GA HS
Tony Amezcua - CA HS
Boogie Anagnostou - Rice
DeSean Anderson - NC HS
Dixon Anderson - Cal
Jake Anderson - LA HS
Mike Antonio - NY HS
Eric Arce - FL HS
Taylor Ard - Mt. Hood CC
Michael Arencibia - FL HS
Kevin Arico - Virginia
David Armendariz - CA HS
Konnor Armijo - CA HS
Chad Arnold - Washington State
DeMondre Arnold - GA HS
Dominic Arscott - FL HS
Barrett Astin - AR HS
Tyler Austin - GA HS
J.T. Autrey - TX HS
Robbie Aviles - NY HS