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Note on Royals Draft Preview

Just to let everyone know, I've edited the Royals draft preview, as I forgot to include one of J.J. Picollo's final selections, that being 2003 draftee Asher Demme. I cut off the info around 2002, mainly because I was thinking that Picollo had been promoted after the 2002 draft, but he was actually promoted after the 2004 draft, though the 2004 draft didn't bear any early-round picks from Picollo's area in the Braves' draft. Demme represents Picollo's last top ten round sign as an area scout.

The edited version, and the rest of the draft previews and the schedule in which future draft previews will come out is posted in the far right column, and that will be a permanent link to be able to see when your team's draft preview is scheduled to appear.