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Pre-Order the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook Now!

I've received plenty of interest in the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook I'm authoring, and a few people have mentioned an interest in pre-ordering the notebook to avoid the hassle of having to remember to order it when the time comes.

This is now an option just to the right of this post. Just click on the buy now button, and it will take you to a PayPal checkout. The notebook will be delivered to your e-mail address first if you pre-order, perhaps even a few days early.

I'm not releasing different versions as time goes along as was suggest by a few people. It will be a single release on the weekend before the draft.

Also, just for an incentive to pre-order, not only will you be at the head of the line for delivery to your inbox, but you'll also receive an invitation for an all questions answered chat with just the pre-orderers a week before the draft, the week before the notebook will be released. I'll give you some snippets of info that will be in the notebook, as well as answer whatever questions you have on the draft and the players. All questions answered.

So, without any further writing, reserve your copy of the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook for only $9.99 today!

The direct link to order is here.