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2010 MLB Draft Notebook

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As part of the coverage here at MLB Bonus Baby, I'm adding a new product that I hope will become the go-to resource for the draft.

I'm introducing the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. The MLB Draft Notebook is a PDF product that will consist of approximately 750 individual writeups on players that are eligible for the 2010 draft. The exact number of players is yet to be determined, but it will cover about the number of players that will taken in the first 25 rounds.

Here's what you will get with the MLB Draft Notebook:

-An easily searchable PDF that is easily accessible for both draft day reference and future reference
-Vitals on each and every player including height, weight, birth date, school, hitting and throwing hands and school
-Commitments for prep and junior college players
-A unique player rating system written by myself that will give you info on a player's projected draft slot, ceiling, and chance of reaching that ceiling
-Signability chances for players depending on what round they're taken in
-Team-by-team draft previews
-Scouting reports on over 750 players!

You'll be getting all of this for only $9.99. The release date will be the weekend of the draft, most likely on Sunday. I want the information to be as up-to-date as possible, so that's the reason behind the later release date.

This blog will become the place for the other features I write, as well as excerpts from the notebook as I write it. The team draft previews will be posted in completion here as they were a year ago. Up-to-date versions connecting teams to individual players will be in the notebook.

I've already compiled a list of approximately 825 players so far specifically for the notebook, and I'll be adding and subtracting names as I go, with the final number to come. This is all on top of the usual 1500+ name list I usually work with, so this notebook will become the focus of what I do. Expect continued good information here on the blog, but for an excellent product you can continue coming back to, consider investing the small amount on this product. I promise it will be worth the money.

If you're interested in pre-ordering this product, just click here and it will be in your inbox no later than Sunday, June 5.