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Discussion: Disappointing First Base Prospects

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I finished the Rotowire Top 100 yesterday and Rotowire subscribers can find it by clicking here

Question for you: three first base prospects fell off the list entirely: Lars Anderson, Eric Hosmer, and Angel Villalona. of this three, which one do you think is most likely to rebound? In other words, if you could have one of these guys, which one would you pick?

UPDATE: I wrote this post without being aware of the current legal controversy (to put it mildly) regarding Angel Villalona. The reason I didn't know about Villalona's arrest was because I've been almost completely off-grid for the last week. Jeri had surgery two weeks ago. She's fine, but isn't allowed to do any lifting for the rest of the month. As a result, I have been doing almost nothing but child care and household duties, while also trying to cram in baseball stuff in when I can. I hadn't read any baseball news this weekend, and the post was based just on what Anderson, Hosmer, and Villalona had done on the baseball field during the regular season.