Top 35 Sally League Prospects

Now that we've seen a chunk of the season, it might be fun to speculate on the top 20 to 30 prospects in a league. I did this list in about a half-hour, so I'm certain there are some oversights. I probably value ceiling twice as much as current production, and weigh scouting reports heavier than stats. I suppose I'm presenting the list less to try to be right than to make a forum for focused discussion on these young A ball guys. Looking through the league, it's stunning how strong the pitching is, and how few impact position prospects remain in the league, which may give reason to temper excitement over strong pitching numbers that exceed scouting reports -- it might be the competition.

1. Matthew Moore
2. Martin Perez
3. Christian Friedrich
4. Tim Beckham
5. Jordan Lyles
6. Wilmer Flores
7. Derek Norris
8. Casey Kelly
9. Daniel Hudson
10. Jason Knapp
11. Randall Delgado (w/ bullet)
12. Jeurys Familia (w/ bullet)
13. Nick Hagadone
14. Kyle Skipworth
15. Trevor May
16. Nick Barnese
17. Tony Sanchez
18. Zach Collier
19. Manuel Banuelos
20. Oscar Tejeda
21. Brett Devall
22. Jefry Marte
23. Anthony Rizzo
24. Neil Ramirez
25. Wilmer Font
26. Kyle Allen
27. Ross Seaton
28. Travis D'Arnaud
29. Rudy Owens
30. Abner Abreu
31. Craig Kimbrel
32. Robert Carson
33. Starling Marte (w/ bullet)
34. Delta Cleary
35. Robbie Grossman

Revised: I added in a couple of guys I overlooked: Friedrich, May, Sanchez, and then added in my two favored honorable mentions (Cleary, Grossman).

Julio Teheran just debuted a couple of days ago in the Sally; I'd slot him between Knapp and Delgado.

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