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Share Your Favorites

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I've been doing child care all day and am not feeling up to anything analytical tonight. But I'm in a baseball mood, so here are my top five current favorite baseball players. Share your own.

My Top Five Favorite Current Players:
Joe Mauer: Great defense, great hitter, franchise anchor, great makeup. If he lasts long enough, a certain Hall of Famer.

Curtis Granderson: Tremendous makeup and performance. Scouts downplayed his tools in college and the minors, but I always liked him. . .and he's exceeded even my positive expectations.

Zack Greinke: Combination of power and precision is remarkable. And I admire the tenacity he's shown in overcoming social anxiety, a problem I had when I was younger. 

David Wright: Another guy with tools, skills, makeup.

Kevin Youkilis: I love it when a guy without tools turns into a dominant player on the basis of his skills.

All five of these guys are great fun to watch, which is the whole point of the game.