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10:20: LSU wins, and i'm about to collapse. Talk to you tomorrow. . .I got the final score wrong, but I did predict a LeMaheieu homer.

10:13: LSU takes the lead....go Tigers.

9:51: Workman has a hell of a breaking ball. And that 97 MPH fastball ain't shabby either.

9:43: This is certainly an excellent game, but I'm struggling to find interesting things to say about it. I've never "live blogged" a game before, so I guess it takes practice like anything else. Brandon Workman now in for Texas. Some effort in his delivery but not as bad as Jungmann, and with better stuff.

9:15: This is why I love baseball. I just wish I'd had more than 2 hours of sleep last night.

9:04: Oh, I hate the shoulder action of Taylor Jungmann, new Texas pitcher...he had great numbers this year and has good stuff, but something about his delivery really makes me cringe.

8:34: Like this Chad Jones guy. Very live and fresh arm.

8:27: Glad I posted that just in time, lol. I will say that it is to Coleman's credit that he's out there, he's "tough mentally."

8:26: I think it is a mistake to have Coleman start the inning.

8:21: I need to type faster. I was writing about LeMaheiu, saying "it sure looks like he SHOULD hit for some power, how did this guy hit just 4 homers?" given his size and frame.

8:12: If you are LSU, do you send Coleman back out there for the 7th?

8:01: I thought Brandon Belt would hit two homers for Texas....instead it has been Russ Moldenhauer. At least he hits left-handed.

7:53: Jared Mitchell produces against super-LOOGY Austin Wood. Wow, he can motor...I'm not sure how much home run power Mitchell is going to develop, but he has made huge progress this year refining his game.

7:48: Totally agree with the decision to remove Ruffin.

7:47: Ruffin looks to me like he's getting tired....mechanics starting to get labored. This is my tell for sure you'd need to go back and look at game video later.

7:33: I really do like Hershiser. Execute Joe Morgan and put Hershiser on in his place and I might watch ESPN games again.

7:23: Now Ruffin is starting to lose his location....perhaps I was an inning too soon when I mentioned the heat sapping the pitchers.

7:15: Keyes homers now...I like him a lot for the draft next year as a breakthrough guy. Inning over....will LSU counterattack?

7:11: Coleman misplaces a high fastball and Tucker makes him pay. Brandon Belt up now...grounds to first base. He was drafted in the fifth round by the Giants...there's concern that he didn't live up to his physical potential in interesting to see how his swing works in the pros....Moldenhauer just knocked a LONG home run to center field. Ball seems to be jumping tonight but he nailed that legitimately.

7:05: Pitchers in charge so far. Will the heat and humidity sap their strength, say about the 6th inning?

6:47: LeMahieu's bunt brings a question to mind....what is the most "fundamentally sound" college baeball program?

6:43. Never mind. That was a nasty breaking ball for the end of inning strikeout.

6:42: I like Orel Hershiser as a color commentator. Coleman's not looking particularly sharp to me.

6:29: Louis Coleman's mechanics are.....interesting. I can see why scouts prefer him as a reliever, but as long as he repeats his mechanics well and throws strikes, I think the Royals should let him ride as a starter as long as possible. Chance Ruffin's delivery is a bit more normal but still seems kind of....whippy? Where do you guys seem Ruffin going in the draft next  year?

6:12: And Ryan Schmipf knocks the first homer....I'm predicting an 11-9 LSU victory.

6:05: Of course we had a power surge at 5:59, knocking out my cable TV for a bit. The DVR is rebooting....seems OK now.