Preseason Picks for Division/WC Winners

Not exactly minor league related (though they'll definitely factor in), I thought it would be fun if people put up their preseason predictions.  Here are mine: 

National League 
East - Mets 
Central - Cubs 
West - Dodgers 
Wild Card - Phillies 

American League 
East - Rays 
Central - Twins 
West - Angels 
Wild Card - Red Sox 

On the NL: I think it's pretty much a wash between the Mets and the Phillies, but I do think they'll finish atop the NL East and will both make the playoffs.  I don't think the Braves have the offense to finish the job, and I don't think their rotation is going to be quite as good as a lot of preseason write-ups have it.  As far as another club winning the Wild Card, I don't see the Brewers pulling it out with the hit their starting pitching has taken, and none of the NL West teams look deep enough.  If Carpenter and Wainwright come back strong I could see the Cards threatening for the Wild Card, but I don't think anyone unseats the Cubs atop the NL Central, even with Dempster's inevitable regression.

NL Dark Horse - Marlins

On the AL: I don't like Joba in the rotation when Hughes is ready to step in and the pen looks like it could be shaky. I also think the team is silly to be starting Gardner while A-Rod is on the DL, considering that they're already going to be a bit power deficient.  I'm expecting some regression from Chicago's rotation, and I don't think the Royals are there yet.  The Indians are a decent team, but they look like they're game for about 85 wins to me.  I like the A's and Rangers, and think both teams will take a step forward, but again, they're not quite there yet.

AL Dark Horse - Rangers

Anyone else got picks?

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