Butler or Jones?

I have been planning on making a trade with another team in my keeper league in which I trade Clay Buchholz for either Billy Butler or Adam Jones and Moustakas.  My team already has Youk and Davis at the corners and Markakis and Snider in the outfield (5 OF spots).  I'm still wondering who I should expect to have the bigger breakout in 2009 and who will have the better production in the next few years, from a FANTASY perspective.  

I still think Butler has been written off quickly after the Manny comparisons, though I think Sickels may have been closer with career projection.  Jones' defense means nothing to me, but he does have some speed with his power potential (though worse AVG likely) and will be hitting 2nd in the O's lineup.  I'm also wondering if I should offer Brandon Wood (qualifies at SS, with him gone I'd have two MI slots open) or Snider instead of Clay, but Wood and Snider's contract are a year newer (I'd get to keep them for two years before having to extend them to Clay's one year) so I'm hesitant on that even if they're less likely to put up great '09 numbers (I assume Buchholz will dominate once given the opportunity).  Any help with your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!