Most crippling contracts in baseball?


My brother and I got into a discussion last night over who had the most crippling contracts in the game today. Not refering to guys like CC Sabathia, because even if he doesn't pan out the Yankees have enough resources to burn up his 7 year $161 mil deal. I am talking about teams that are affected by the bad economy and have guys that are putting a huge strain on resources while providing little on the field. Being here in Arizona, we hand the dubious honor to Eric Byrnes. Byrnes being a 32 year old career journey man/ 4th OFer that cashed in on a big 2007 season and is currently fleecing the Dbacks for $11mil per year. Byrnes not only raises the ire of Dbacks fans because he is our highest paid position player and sucks, but also because every time I see him I think he is the sole reason Orlando Hudson and Randy Johnson are not on the team this year. Further more, Curt Schilling made statements back in the winter saying that he wanted to be reunited with the Dbacks and Randy Johnson to finish out his career. Schilling may never pitch again, but if he does and he still has something left in the tank and he goes somewhere like Philadelphia because the Dbacks either don't have the money or don't have Randy Johnson, it will give me yet another reason to boo the shit out of Byrnes every time he bats.

Andruw Jones may have received attention before being released, but I'm not sure how his $18mil/per affected the Dodgers budget.

Who else should be nominated?