Article on Mark Prior's mechanics

Yahoo Sports released an article today on Mark Prior that some of you may have already read.;_ylt=AsCi1T0RVSmRuF8ZXF8.lz0RvLYF?slug=jp-prior031109&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Generally, Jeff Passan is a good writer that I typically enjoy reading. Obviously alot  has been made of Prior's mechanics on the internet.


I am curious on everyone's thoughts on the article.


Here are a few snipets but I advise everyone to read most of it.


"Back then, the Inverted W meant nothing. Today, it’s the likeliest culprit for Prior’s injuries, according to some armchair biomechanists: the part of his motion where his elbows end up higher than the plane of his shoulders, make a shape like an upside-down W and supposedly cause considerable strain on the arm."


"House, now the pitching coach at USC and no longer working with Prior, does not believe the Inverted W hurts a pitcher’s arm. He said years of science and research support his methods. Same with doctors at the American Sports Medicine Institute, including famed surgeon James Andrews."


"And to those who make a fuss about the Inverted W and point out that House’s prized student has been laid up for years? Well, House said, “They don’t know their asses from a boat paddle.”


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