Community Prospect List - Brewers

Sorry for the long wait. School has been a bitch lately, and I'm still trying to catch up. I want to finish up the NL Central however. Brewers time! 130 AB, 50 IP. I guess to be fair I have to include Gamel.

1. Brett Lawrie

2. Alcides Escobar

3. Caleb Gindl

4. Cody Scarpetta

5. Eric Arnett

Other names, Lucroy, Salome, Schafer, Anundson, Braddock, Gamel, Odorizzi, Rogers, Kentrail Davis, and Wily Peralta. Incredibly underrated system after looking at it more. Lots of great players in it. I could easily reorganize 3 through 15 with almost any of those names. I'm really low on Escobar, as well as Gamel. Gindl is one of my favorite hitters, and the pitching really intrigues me.

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