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The First Annual MLB Bonus Baby Re-Draft

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I always seem to get questions about how the draft would shake out these days if it were done knowing the end result for player signings and bonus amounts. So, I've decided to do something simply for the fun of it. Just like John Sickels has done at Minor League Ball, I'm going to hold a mock draft. I'll need 29 scouting directors (I'm #30), plus I need input as to what dates are available for you. We'll be doing five rounds, so plan accordingly.

Use this thread to ask for a team assignment and give me your available schedule. Your team assignment is automatically approved unless someone above you has already asked for it. I'm handling my usual responsibility as the Rangers' scouting director, so that's already assigned.

Here's the rules of the re-draft:

-Be on time, stay for the whole thing.

-Your budget is determined by real life signing bonus amounts for your team. You get to spend how much your team spent for the first TEN rounds. Those numbers are available here from BA. The changes I will make to those numbers have to do with the Royals and Rangers, as Aaron Crow and Tanner Scheppers have yet to sign. The Royals will be given $3 million extra, as that's reportedly their offer for Crow out now. The Rangers are being assigned $2 million for similar reasons.

That's about it. Leave your desired team in the comments and your available dates.