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Quick Note and Question

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Since the signings will be coming in fast and furious, I've decided to hold off on the individual signings writeups for the moment, as there are just too many to handle. Instead, I'll be posting team-by-team summaries of what they've done since my last signing thread update on Tuesday. I'll be pretty swamped with deadline stuff tomorrow, so I'll only be posting the big news items, so don't expect a ton of coverage. BA covers most of the signings themselves, so I'm not breaking the news or anything.

The question I want to ask is do you want to do a chat sometime later in the week covering the final draft signing lists and other draft news? It's completely up to you guys, and I'm available on early Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Let me know what you think.

My weekly update of the 2010 draft order will be coming tomorrow before games begin.