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A Legitimate Pause.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the break taken over the last week or so was purposeful. I noticed a large trend down in readership as the days came closer to the trading deadline, so I thought I'd give myself a quick break in order to let the rumors quiet down. I'll be re-starting coverage with a draft review of the Cincinnati Reds shortly, and I've also spent the time away from the computer forming a wider plan on how this blog can bring unparalleled draft coverage. As such, here's what is to come:

-I've been lining up a couple of 2010 draft prospects that will give regular updates about how their draft year is going, and I hope the details they provide will shed some light into how it feels to be a player performing under the watchful eyes of scouts, with the extra stresses of school, an advisor, and family issues, as well as just having regular friends. The pair I have lined up as of yet, though I don't want to give away their names quite yet, are projected first-rounders for the 2010 draft, one being a prep prospect, the other a collegiate. I'm hoping I can add some extra flavor by having a prep pitcher and hitter, as well as a college hitter and pitcher, but it's only one in each category so far.

-Full and final grading of team-by-team drafts will come immediately after the August 17 deadline, though I'll wait probably 24 hours to make sure that all the reports of player signings are verified. I'll be doing player interviews with those draft prospects that were involved with that deadline soon after, hoping to give you a glimpse of how life can be during those stressful hours.

-I'm going to be finishing the team-by-team draft reviews on a continual basis until all 30 are done, and the grades I post on drafts after the signing deadline are final. The Giants have the highest grade at A- so far. Will your team do better? Stick around and see.

-More 2010 draft prospect profiles are to come soon, as well, and my Bryce Brentz writeup seems to have been fairly well-received. I wanted to see how the readership reaction was before I went on with the profiles, and the reaction was positive, so I'll continue.

-Finally, I wanted to tell you that I'll be chatting on a bi-weekly basis, and I'll also be doing some podcasts in the near future. I'll have players, coaches, scouts, and others as guests, and I might be able to set up some live questions so that you can get your own questions answered by myself and my guests. The chatting will be in the normal format from around draft time. Once the fall scouting season starts in full, I'll also have some video shot personally to add to the blog, along with some video scouting sessions, and you won't want to miss the only place you can get free scouting videos nine months in advance of the 2010 draft.

Hope you all had a great trade deadline week last week, and I'll be getting back to draft coverage here today!