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First Round Signings

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We've now got at least four first rounders either already signed or within days of doing so, as physicals sometimes delay a signing date. The first to sign was Drew Storen, the #10 overall pick of the Nationals, and his bonus was under slot. The next was Eric Arnett of the Brewers, and the press conference for him is supposed to be tomorrow. He's expected to come in right at slot. Finally, both Tony Sanchez (Pirates) and Matt Hobgood (Orioles) are both expected to sign shortly, having already agreed to their bonus amounts. Hobgood may finalize his deal a little after Sanchez. So now we have 28 unsigned first rounders, and 2 months from Wednesday for them to agree. Signing season has begun.

In other news, the Phillies have signed their first pick, 2nd-rounder Kelly Dugan. The Rangers have also signed some picks, most notably 6th-rounder Ruben Sierra Jr. I'll flash more updates like this as time goes along, and I'll add links to this post when I get to a computer (iPhone now).