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I Had A Long Entry...

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And Wordpress screwed it up. Didn't automatically save the draft like it was supposed to and then navigated away from the page. When you try to come back to the page, it has a blank screen. I don't like Wordpress. It says I've typed 6 words so far. Ugh. Will have the Nationals draft review with full writeups on picks through Marcus Stroman. I had just finished a nice little writeup on Hoby Milner, their 44th-rounder who will end up fulfilling his scholarship at Texas. Ugh.

Just as a teaser, I give them a B, only because of Strasburg. I like the picks of Kobernus, Weaver, Taylor Jordan, and Nathan Karns, and if they can sign a single guy that's projected to go to school, their grade might be a bit higher. Guys like Marcus Stroman, Brandon King, Kyle Morrison, Jacob Morris, Josh Elander, Chris Manno, Cohl Walla, and Hoby Milner make this an interesting draft, but I'd be surprised if any of those guys sign.