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The Draft Is Done...Washington Nationals Discussion Thread.

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I can now sleep. I'll have writeups on all the drafts individually by team starting on Friday, looking at them for a combination of talent, draft value in terms of where they got certain players, and also for signability. Mixed in with those writeups will be some discussion questions, flashes on draft signings, and once the pro short-season leagues begin, updates on how picks are doing. I'll also be updating regularly on summer collegiate leagues and showcases over the summer, so don't leave this blog just yet.

This blog will be your year-round resource for draft information. Thanks for participating in the live chats in the first two days, and now that it's all over, stick around and get some insight into how teams approached this draft, how their drafts graded out, and some good info on the individual picks themselves.

As for now, here's an open thread on the first team's draft I will review, the Washington Nationals.

Outside of Steven Strasburg, how did they do?