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Notable Players Left Off My Mock #7

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Here's a nice list of some notable players left off my board who could be fourth round candidates:

Tommy Joseph, C, Horizon HS (AZ) - Rumored for the first round, I think Joseph could slide due to some perceptions that he's not really a catcher, but a first baseman. Odds are that he'll be higher than this, but it's worth noting that there's possibly a subtle shift in his stock.
Luke Bailey, C, Troup County HS (GA) - Bailey's arm injury, which included Tommy John surgery knocks him down from his first round pedestal, but I still think someone will give him $1 million to sign. He could be a candidate for an overnight deal between Tuesday and Wednesday draft sessions.
Kentrail Davis, OF, Tennessee - A Boras client that is sophomore-eligible and coming off a bad season means that Davis has fallen harder than most. He might be taken in the fourth round, but someone will have to pony up some good money.
Colton Cain, LHP, Waxahachie HS (TX) - A strong Texas commitment and an up-and-down spring have me leaving him off my board this week, but that doesn't mean Cain won't strike it rich. He's reportedly asking for a seven-figure bonus.
Jake Marisnick, OF, Riverside Poly HS (CA) - A future corner outfielder, Marisnick is as talented as anybody in this draft, but his ability to hit has been a huge question. I haven't thought someone will invest top 3 round money in a questionable hitter.
Jacob Stewart, OF, Rocky Mountain HS (CO) - This isn't a question of talent, as Stewart is one of the most talented kids in the country. Rather, it's about his commitment, as Stewart's headed to Stanford. That complicates things a little.
J.R. Murphy, C, Pendleton School (FL) - His stock has been all over the place, as the questions about his ability to stick at catcher after moving there full-time this year have been answered for some, but not others. That's a big sticking point.
Trayce Thompson, OF, Santa Margarita HS (CA) - Thompson's one of the least polished players in this entire draft, but he's also got one of the highest ceilings, as well. That's an interesting mix.

There are more names, such as David Nick, Ben Paulsen, and Robert Stock, but these are some notables. This should tell you how difficult it is to decide who will be selected on the first day, as there's more than 111 names that deserve to be there, but there's only 111 slots.